The 10 Best Amazon Product Research

In the digital world of e-commerce, selecting the precise solutions to sell on Amazon is an important decision. To prosper, you require to highlight high-demand, low-competition solutions that will optimize your profits. Fortunately, a number of Amazon product research tools are present to help you make data-driven selections. In this guide, we’ll go through the top 10 Amazon product research tools that perspicacious sellers depend on to find their next best-selling items.

1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a cornerstone in Amazon product research tools. It offers a suite of aspects, including a product database, keyword scout, and a niche hunter to help you identify profitable solutions. The Chrome extension ensures you to consider product listings and uncover invaluable insights.

2. Helium 10

Helium 10 is an extensive toolset for Amazon sellers. It includes robust characteristics like Black Box, which helps you discover product ideas and find niche opportunities. Moreover, the tool also offers keyword research, listing optimization, and competitor analysis.

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3. AMZScout

AMZScout is a responsive Amazon product research tool that provides a web app and a Chrome extension. It offers wide information on products, niches, and estimated sales. Thus, the tool helps you make informed selections about your Amazon inventory.

4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch engages on product finding, market intelligence, and listing optimization. However, their product research tool describes profitable product opportunities, and their market intelligence tool delivers wide information on Amazon niches and trends.

5. Sellics

Sellics is a diverse Amazon software that includes a product research tool. It provides stuff on product demand, competition, and potential profit margins. Furthermore,Sellics also provides aspects for advertising, analytics, and keyword tracking.

6. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free Amazon product research tool that offers real-time information on products and niches. It delivers insights into estimated monthly sales, revenue, and more. It’s an extraordinary starting point for new sellers.

7. IO Scout

IO Scout is a unique and dedicated Amazon product research tool with components like a product database, keyword research, and sales estimator. Hence, it also offers invaluable data on competitors, aiding you stay ahead in the marketplace.

8. AMZDataStudio

AMZDataStudio delivers a suite of tools for Amazon sellers, including a product research tool. Thus, it offers insights into product trends, sales estimates, and competition analysis. Moreover, the tool helps sellers make informed choices about their product selections.

9. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracking tool that tracks cost changes and sales ranks. However, while it’s not a product research tool in the traditional sense, it’s valuable for balancing price trends and identifying opportunities.

10. Keepa

Keepa is another dedicated price tracking and product research tool that offers historical information on Amazon products. Thus, it provides insights into price ups and downs, sales ranks, and price history charts, helping you select product trends.

Why Utilize Amazon Product Research Tools?

Utilizing Amazon product research tools provides various edges to sellers. They are discussed below:

  • Find Lucrative Niches: Research tools help you unveil profitable niches and product opportunities.
  • Time Saving: These tools simplified the product research way, saving your invaluable time.
  • Make Informed Selections: Data-driven decisions based on real-time data enhance your chances of prospering.
  • Analyze Competition: Understand your competitors and find opportunities to exceed them.
  • Maximize Product Listings: Many tools provide listing optimization characteristics to enhance your product visibility.

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